Saturday, August 8, 2009

Andy Butcher

June 14 at 7:51am
OK Sharon. I feel the heat now!

Mr. Javens had to have hated how I never really read sheet music and I just tried to wing it (sounding out the notes) instead. I don't know why he never confronted me and just said, Andrew, learn to read music, will ya?

Mr. Javens was always a very classy dresser. I remember thinking that he must make a lot more money than he lets on.

The biggest influence Mr. Javens actually made on me was not in Band. It was in my High School (Senior Year) psychology class that he taught.
Within a year I took Psychology, Sociology and Social Work 101. Now I'm a family therapist.

I still love playing in the Grantsville Old Folk's Sociable. I'm glad that he always supported the Sociable every year by getting the band ready for it. I could always tell he had a little bit of anxiety around how we would perform.

The biggest phrase I remember still and use every now and then as I laugh is "Quiet down now!! I can't hear myself think!!"

If this message gets to him, Thanks Mr. Javens for all of your patience over the years!

Andrew Butcher

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