Saturday, August 8, 2009

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I remember they day they handed out notes when I was in the 4th grade to sign up for the band and went right home and told my mom I wanted to join. We went to the meeting to pick out my instrument and when I said I wanted to play the flute, Mr. Javens suggested I might like the trumpet better. I stuck to my guns though and played the flute for 8 years.

I can remember his foot tapping and head bobbing as we played. And those fun cowboy uniforms. I loved marching in the parades and remember how when we tried to talk Mr. J in to summer uniforms he would remind us that when we marched in the Days of 47 parade we were in competition and had to wear our full uniforms.

I also remember the trip to Magic Mountain my junior year. It was fun. I remember The joke the bus driver played on Mr J. He didn't think it was too funny. (I have pics of some of you on that trip also.)

I learned perseverance and patience from Mr. Javens. It was sometimes difficult for me to learn the right fingering for some of the notes, but I just kept trying and got most of them. (There were still some I had to fake through though.) I also learned that when the teacher gets up in front it is time to get serious.

Thanks Mr. J. Have a Great Birthday.

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